Tuesday, October 21, 2008

WhEn AuTuMn SeTs In…

Summer is over and Autumn is finally here!

It’s been a long lull since the scorching summer in Kuwait. So many things have changed as the autumn sets in.

I like autumn though I like spring the most. Autumn paves the way for the spine-tingling cold months. Autumn reminds me of the serene stroll along the Oak Park in Chicago, stopping by the historical house of prolific writer Ernest Hemingway amidst the multi-hued leaves falling from the trees, dotting the alley. Whew! What a sight to behold!

Autumn brings you to melancholia as you look back what transpired this year. So many things have happened. Some friends come and go but true friends are here to stay with you. I hate clichés but that’s reality. Life is indeed full of clichés and paradox at times.

With the end of summer and the advent of autumn, one great important lesson is learned. As long as you remain steadfast in your conviction and have faith in HIM, you can weather all the situations no matter what the season may be - WiNtEr...SpRiNg...SuMmEr...Or FaLL...

As the autumn sets in, it makes me smile as the few people that I treasure most are still around no matter what and that includes YoU of course. Thanks a lot for just being there!

While others see autumn as dreary, I look at it brightly as the countdown begins signaling the advent of the Holiday Season.

I simply love it when the AuTuMn SeTs In!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

StAyInG CoOL ThiS SuMmEr!

The scorching summer heat is on…Welcome to Kuwait!

The hot and dusty weather greeted me the moment I came back from my brief US sojourn. It was also hot in the US not to mention that heat wave that I had to battle with in New York, the not-so-hot environ in Miami and the unpredictable weather in Boston but nothing beats Kuwait when it comes to heat!

I dread summer and I love winter. But summer is cool in the US and other places not because of the weather but due to the cool stuff that you can do there. You can wear less to enjoy more…giving you the freedom to wear shorts…short, short shorts…sleeveless…or go sunbathing in two-piece or even topless to get a perfect tan by the beach. You can simply enjoy the sense of freedom!

I had pure fun in the US…enjoyed the Miami South Beach and met some interesting people…savored the captivating sights and sounds of Manhattan…marveled at the view of New York City on top of the Rockefeller Observatory…Felt the crisp wind on top of the legendary Empire State Building of ‘An Affair to Remember’…Waved and said hello to Liberty…Stepped on Ellis Island…and had a fantastic stroll in Central Park not to mention the shopping spree along 5th Avenue.

But the best part of it was being at Harvard again…The Investigative Reporting Conference was attended by journalists across the globe and seeing a Filipina (Sheila Coronel, Director of Stabile Center for Investigative Journalism at Columbia University) as one of the speakers made me feel so proud to be a Filipino. I had the perfect updating that I badly needed. Thanks to IRE! I’m back to Kuwait fully armed to do some sleuthing.

I also have fond memories of my brief stay in Dartmouth, MA., with good ol’ friends Dennis and Belen with their gorgeous Camille who happens to be my ‘inaanak.’ Thanks a lot for the hospitality!

I’m still in Euphoria…but when the hot air greeted me…this is it…back to reality!

I’m home BaBy! *mwa*

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

STuPiDiTY Or DeSpEraTioN?

Respect begets respect…Basic and simple!

Some people may whine…while…and cry but only for a while…Out of sheer desperation, they live in dire illusion…hoping…believing and claiming something that could NEVER BE. Pathetic but true!

There’s nothing wrong with hoping, believing and claiming, after all this is a free world. Suit yourself!

But spitting out something and swallowing it back again is another thing. Hurling invectives at someone and the next thing you know, you’re all praises for that person. Such hypocrisy, GET REAL! Have some respect for yourself so others would respect you or better yet, SHUT UP! You’re talking to the wrong person.

People never ever learn their lesson. They prefer to wallow in stupidity and desperation just to get what they want, but for how long?

STUPIDITY: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Thank God! I’m just too glad…I have so much to thank for and the best thing that I can do is offer my fervent prayers for the poor and unfortunate souls that they may finally see the light of day and wake up to reality.

Anyway, I’m off to a great summer holiday…and I don’t want mundane things to get in my way….How I wish I could tag you along BaBy! I would terribly miss you. *mwa* *hugz*

Miami…New York…Boston….HeRe I CoMe!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

BuSy As A BeE

Better days are here once again!

A very dear friend has finally come out after more than a month of hibernation in the name of professionalism…whatever the reason may be…it’s an answered prayer for me.

It’s been a week of exclusives…got an exclusive on the latest OFW, Bienvenido Espino Jr. who was handed a death verdict by the Kuwait Court of Cassation for killing a fellow OFW, Jhias Gumapac over a laptop used as a collateral for a loan or some insinuated a love angle was behind it. Another sad news…that brings three OFWs now on the death row.

Kuwait was on a three-day mourning period over the demise of Father Amir Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah…supposedly, it was a holiday but we’re asked to report for work. What a way to pay respect to the dead! I could have used the three-day holiday for some beauty sleep. How I wish!

The weekend proved to be one busy day with the arrival of VP Noli De Castro last Friday. I barely had a wink. As early as 1:00 a.m. we’re at the VIP lounge waiting for him and Usec. Esteban Conejos…The next thing I knew, I was already at the Bayan Palace watching ‘Kabayan’ shaking hands with HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, extending the Philippines’ condolences…then rush hour came, I had to upload all the materials for TVP and Bandila…Whew! Cram…Cram…Cram…This is what I do best!

Sigh! It’s such a busy week…though I didn't forget to think of SoMeOne who’s in Bahrain now…just got a text from him…hope to see you then BaBy…*hugz*

Just in time to curl up and relax after being so BuSy As a BeE…it’s TiMe To Be CaReFrEe!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

StAyInG On ThE SiDeLiNe

Sometimes it’s simply good to be on the sideline…a pure spectator as events unfold before your eyes!

For weeks now, I’ve taken a very passive role around me. I just listen to stories, read whatever is written and see the people’s varied reactions to every situation that they’re thrown in. I simply sit and listen as everyone whiles and whines. It feels good to be sanitized from all the intrigues and controversies. Life becomes light as you stay away from the obnoxious stimuli.

But of course, staying on the sideline doesn’t work all the time. You can’t simply remain as a spectator forever. When the situation calls for it, you also have to jump in and join the rest of the crowd. Just know when is the best time.

But for now…I simply opt to stay on the sideline as everyone does his/her own antics to the delight of other spectators like me.

Staying on the sideline gives you an ample time to clear your mind…As you step back a little farther; you would see things and people around you at a better perspective than staring too close at them, making you myopic or cross-eyed.

For now…I’m just enjoying the sight and scent of the captivating Tulips…while StAyInG On ThE SiDeLiNe... everything will CeRTaInLy Be FiNe!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

LeArNiNg ThE TrAdE aNd InTrIcACy

It should be mind over matters of the heart…Yes! That should be…but it’s always easier said than done. You simply refuse to listen or see through it because you want to savor the ecstatic moment for now, notwithstanding what lies ahead…and alas! You’re jolted from your dream-like state and the cruel reality stares pointblank at you. What would you do?

Raw emotions flood in…self-pity sets in…your passion clouds your rational being…then you find yourself looking utterly stupid to the rest of the world and yet, you still let the heart do the thinking…so you’re comforted again with the thought that you’ve laughed and loved and that’s what matters most! Those were the days…when you take people’s words at face value. But thank God! Gone are those teeny-bopper days.

Looking back…If you show to the world you’re VULNERABLE…vultures will be up to your neck. If you show them you’re INVINCIBLE…creepy creatures will test your stamina and push you to the limit as they wait for your fall…But through time, you get to learn the trade and tricks of dealing with things the RIGHT WAY.

Yes, for a time, you let things flow…enjoy the euphoric scenario…but you can’t simply allow yourself to remain on the Never Never Land where all things are bright and beautiful. Reality bites so hard that it hurts so much till it hurts no more.

You can’t stop time from ticking way…people going away…things slipping away from your hand…You can only hold as much.

People come and go…Things happen for a reason for a season…and if SOMEONE opts to stay around you…there could be one good reason. But if SOMEONE decides to leave you…there could be a much better reason.

Learning the trade and intricacy of life makes ACCEPTANCE easier…washing off every inch of bitterness to the core of your being…

LeArN tHe ArT oF BeInG HaPpY aNd WoRry- FrEe!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

UnEaRtHinG ThE NaKeD TrUtH

The quest for truth is never easy. You have to dig it in…shovel it up and unearth what’s in the core of the matter. In the process, you may sometimes stumble upon the nitty-gritty of the matter that would eventually lead you to the NAKED TRUTH.

Having an eye for details is inherent in every journalist and being in the field for more than a decade now has taught me one important lesson: “Always trust your instinct.” We always have our own ways of probing into the matter but in the end…it’s always the TRUTH that matters.

A great risk may sometimes be at stake while unearthing the TRUTH. Along the way, sometimes you earn the ire of others when you stumble on the TRUTH. Some may stop you from your quest for truth. Few may try to find ways to stifle you but if you’re steadfast, then nothing or no one can stop you from letting the truth out. If you have TRUTH with you, you can never be wrong and go wrong!

Looks could be deceiving. Things may appear as they seem to be but actually, they don’t seem to be. Just stay focus and for sure, you will discover something unexpected. Sometimes, you may not like what you have unearthed but you just have to live with it. You have your choice. You let the NAKED TRUTH out or you better bury it in oblivion.

Truth can make you happy, ecstatic, or sad. It may spell out a new glorious beginning or sometimes the heart-wrenching end of something that should have not been.

The best thing that you can get….TRUTH untangles you from the shackles of PuRe and NaKeD LIeS!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

FReAkY FriDaY!


Flying twigs...branches lying on the streets...

What on earth's happening? I was on my way to Kuwait City last Friday at around 5:30 p.m. then... with just a blink of an eye, the almost perfect weather turned into something you can never imagine. Strong winds...followed by total darkness...zero visibility prompting all vehicles to flash their hazard lights...the last worst sandstorm that I have ever witnessed was in 2003 in Nassiriya, Iraq...but last Friday's was something more!

Suddenly, hale started to pour in. Is this the effect of global warming? I could have decided to head home but I was almost to Kuwait City. What the heck! I might as well go through the whole adventure.

Traffic jam was terrible...then my phone rang. Resty, my fashion designer buddy was shrieking wet and dusty recounting to me his harrowing experience a few minutes back. "It's like 9/11 here in Mirqab!" he was tensed. Keep cool ok? He just came out running before a floor of a building collapsed. People ran out for safety....The whole place was in a mountain of dust, he shrieked. You should celebrate gurl for another new life!

Good grief! Earlier that day, he was tagging me along to Mubarakiya to shop for textiles...thanks but no thanks, I was still nursing a bad stomach so I begged off. Call it instinct! Whew! Thank God.

Finally, after a fierce battle with the traffic in the Sheraton roundabout, I reached Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Muthanna where Faisal (my officemate) and his friends were waiting for me. Do you exactly know what I had to endure on the way just to have this refreshing Chamomile tea?

Indeed, it's a FrEaKy FriDaY but mind you I also had a YuMmY & FiReLiCiOuS ThUrSDaY!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


It's April Fool's Day yesterday! A day of hoaxes...Good grief! I wasn't a victim to one.

Schedule's so hectic. My phone had been ringing since morning. The ABS-CBN newsdesk was up on my neck for the latest on the verdict on May Vecina, the OFW who was sentenced to death. The Philippine Embassy was not talking and Atty. Ahmad Qurban was unreachable. Thank God! Another Kuwaiti lawyer friend came to the rescue and called up the Kuwait Justice Palace. Sadly, the Court of Cassation upheld the death verdict. I hope the Tanazul or Letter of Forgiveness from the victim's family or better yet the Amiri pardon can save Vecina's life. Let's pray to that!

Every second counted so I had to break the news on ANC and Channel 2 ahead of the competitors. Whew! What a day! Not to mention the PowerPoint presentation on the side that I had to finish at work. It's garnished with all the numbers. Didn't I tell anybody I'm allergic to numbers? We just have to live with it.

Well, as they say, when it rains...it really pours...You just have to enjoy the drizzle and let the raindrops run down your face...and for sure, you'll FeEL ReFrEsHeD!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

A FiReLiCiOuS WeEkEnD!

FiReLiCiOuS! Fire – flames, passionate and Licious – yummy, delectable…This best describes my weekend and I leave it up all to your imagination. Some things are better left unsaid. Thanks Baby! Your guess is as good as mine…

FiReLiCioUs Stalker on the loose! My significant other told me someone is claiming to be his wife. Indeed, she’s a wife… to another guy and got kids to take care of. What a pity! My heart goes out to her. One thing for sure, never…ever trust a man’s word! Poor thing…another sad story of unrequited love that would cost you boxes of tissues. WaKe Up and GeT a LiFe GuRL!

FiReLiCiOuS visit! As much as possible, I want to avoid hospital scenes but this weekend, I had to visit a very dear friend, the Ambassador, who just had an angioplasty. I lift my fervent prayers for his fast recovery.

Another weekend has passed…and looking forward to an equally FiReLiCiOuS WeEk!

Monday, March 24, 2008

KeEp ThE FiRe BuRnInG!

Whew! It’s been ages since I scribbled something in here…and I’m back!

Looking back in the year that was…I can simply smile with glee…Thanks for the 20/20 Excellence Award given by ABS-CBN…all the hard work gone unnoticed. Thanks for the great family…friends…and of course YoU -- who keeps the FIRE BuRnInG!

A BuRnInG PasSiOn keeps us going, no matter what we do, wherever we will be…that keeps us alive and kicking…

As I turned a year older last week…I stopped counting my age…What the heck! It’s nothing but just a number…In introspection, there’s so much to thank for. I’m young, free and happy! I’m not yet to press the panic button…not just yet…It’s worth the wait especially when you get a first class seat on the TGV – fast and easy! Zooommm! Just enjoy the journey and the panoramic scenery…savor the exhilarating side trips and don’t worry about the destination…you’ll surely get there!

A trip to Lourdes in France and Fatima in Portugal last February was invigorating not to mention the side trips we had in Amsterdam that teems with so much life at night; the dazzling Antwerp where everything sparkles; the majestic Grand Plaas in Brussels where you can simply stare in amazement; and of course, not to forget the eternally captivating Eiffel Tower where most lovers vowed their undying love for each other underneath and the breathaking stroll along Champ Elysees. Hopeless romantics! Well, we just have to MaXiMiZe IT!

The journey continues…and one great secret to a happy and successful journey – keep the flames aglow. PaSsIoN fires up everything…Always KeEp ThE FiRe BuRnInG in YoU!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

HoLy SnApS!

A visit to these HoLy sites nourishes the SoUL...NeEd I SaY mOrE?