Wednesday, April 2, 2008


It's April Fool's Day yesterday! A day of hoaxes...Good grief! I wasn't a victim to one.

Schedule's so hectic. My phone had been ringing since morning. The ABS-CBN newsdesk was up on my neck for the latest on the verdict on May Vecina, the OFW who was sentenced to death. The Philippine Embassy was not talking and Atty. Ahmad Qurban was unreachable. Thank God! Another Kuwaiti lawyer friend came to the rescue and called up the Kuwait Justice Palace. Sadly, the Court of Cassation upheld the death verdict. I hope the Tanazul or Letter of Forgiveness from the victim's family or better yet the Amiri pardon can save Vecina's life. Let's pray to that!

Every second counted so I had to break the news on ANC and Channel 2 ahead of the competitors. Whew! What a day! Not to mention the PowerPoint presentation on the side that I had to finish at work. It's garnished with all the numbers. Didn't I tell anybody I'm allergic to numbers? We just have to live with it.

Well, as they say, when it really pours...You just have to enjoy the drizzle and let the raindrops run down your face...and for sure, you'll FeEL ReFrEsHeD!

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