Monday, October 29, 2007

Off To ThE HoLy LaNd

So many things to little time...I haven't packed my stuff yet for our trip to Jordan & Jerusalem tomorrow...

Travel light! That's what Ambassador Ricardo Endaya said. You read it right! I'm travelling with our Ambassador, Assistant Labor Attache Elmira Sto. Domingo, Resty and another embassy staff, Mr. Halim...

What should I bring for a four-day trip? We're leaving Kuwait Tuesday afternoon and be back here Saturday morning...Anyway, I still have the whole night and whole morning tomorrow to pack. Duh!

Good thing, my boss was kind enough to sign my leave form. He's such a kind and charming human being...that's what you call pure luck!

I'm really looking forward to this trip - a once in a lifetime pilgrimage...I'll be listing down tonight all my prayer petitions for my family and friends...The mere thought of it makes me feel so good!!!

On the side, we hope to visit Tel Aviv too, if we still have the time...Resty would love that! Too bad, Geoff, another member of the (defunct?) Thursday Club can't join us. Maybe next time, Geoff can make it to Fatima and Lourdes. Does the invitation still stand Amba?

HoLy LaNd HeRe We CoMe!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

SeCrReT No MoRe!

What's the secret to unlimited happiness, love, health, and prosperity?

Some people have gone pandemonium over the new book of Rhonda Byrne's The Secret, including one of my close buddies in our Thursday Club. Hmmm, though not surprising because he is a bit superstitious who is fond of collecting stones and precious gems assigning each of them with a distinct power - power to heal, luck for love, abundance and all what you've been wishing for. Well, I must admit, I also keep some stones with me but it doesn't mean that I have to rely on them for my daily existence...The Secret offers the knowledge of how to create—intentionally and effortlessly—a joyful life. How could that be? You just spend time visualizing and daydreaming?

I'm an optimist but I don't wait things to happen. I have to do something to make them happen. Fine...fine...I also visualize goals that I want to achieve as The Secret revealed. If this really works...It's been ages now that I've been visualizing myself with a whistle-bait figure then how come I still end up shopping at Evans where I could find the size that best suits me?

There is really no secret to success. It's all at your disposal. You just need to focus on your goals and be determined to achieve them through patience, hardwork and lots of prayers.

After all, don't let those kaleidoscopic stones or any creepy-looking book rule your life.

LiFe iS wHaT yOu MaKe It!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

EiD MuBaRaK!

Happy Eid!

It's now four days after the Eid...and everyone is back after the long Eid holiday...Everyone seems to be have the Eid hang-over...and that includes me!

Back to normalcy after the Ramadan...It's been a while since I've written something in here...and now I'm lost for words...

Anyway, I'll make up for the lost time...PrOmIsE!

BeTTeR DaYs ArE HeRe...