Wednesday, May 7, 2008

StAyInG On ThE SiDeLiNe

Sometimes it’s simply good to be on the sideline…a pure spectator as events unfold before your eyes!

For weeks now, I’ve taken a very passive role around me. I just listen to stories, read whatever is written and see the people’s varied reactions to every situation that they’re thrown in. I simply sit and listen as everyone whiles and whines. It feels good to be sanitized from all the intrigues and controversies. Life becomes light as you stay away from the obnoxious stimuli.

But of course, staying on the sideline doesn’t work all the time. You can’t simply remain as a spectator forever. When the situation calls for it, you also have to jump in and join the rest of the crowd. Just know when is the best time.

But for now…I simply opt to stay on the sideline as everyone does his/her own antics to the delight of other spectators like me.

Staying on the sideline gives you an ample time to clear your mind…As you step back a little farther; you would see things and people around you at a better perspective than staring too close at them, making you myopic or cross-eyed.

For now…I’m just enjoying the sight and scent of the captivating Tulips…while StAyInG On ThE SiDeLiNe... everything will CeRTaInLy Be FiNe!

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