Saturday, March 29, 2008

A FiReLiCiOuS WeEkEnD!

FiReLiCiOuS! Fire – flames, passionate and Licious – yummy, delectable…This best describes my weekend and I leave it up all to your imagination. Some things are better left unsaid. Thanks Baby! Your guess is as good as mine…

FiReLiCioUs Stalker on the loose! My significant other told me someone is claiming to be his wife. Indeed, she’s a wife… to another guy and got kids to take care of. What a pity! My heart goes out to her. One thing for sure, never…ever trust a man’s word! Poor thing…another sad story of unrequited love that would cost you boxes of tissues. WaKe Up and GeT a LiFe GuRL!

FiReLiCiOuS visit! As much as possible, I want to avoid hospital scenes but this weekend, I had to visit a very dear friend, the Ambassador, who just had an angioplasty. I lift my fervent prayers for his fast recovery.

Another weekend has passed…and looking forward to an equally FiReLiCiOuS WeEk!

Monday, March 24, 2008

KeEp ThE FiRe BuRnInG!

Whew! It’s been ages since I scribbled something in here…and I’m back!

Looking back in the year that was…I can simply smile with glee…Thanks for the 20/20 Excellence Award given by ABS-CBN…all the hard work gone unnoticed. Thanks for the great family…friends…and of course YoU -- who keeps the FIRE BuRnInG!

A BuRnInG PasSiOn keeps us going, no matter what we do, wherever we will be…that keeps us alive and kicking…

As I turned a year older last week…I stopped counting my age…What the heck! It’s nothing but just a number…In introspection, there’s so much to thank for. I’m young, free and happy! I’m not yet to press the panic button…not just yet…It’s worth the wait especially when you get a first class seat on the TGV – fast and easy! Zooommm! Just enjoy the journey and the panoramic scenery…savor the exhilarating side trips and don’t worry about the destination…you’ll surely get there!

A trip to Lourdes in France and Fatima in Portugal last February was invigorating not to mention the side trips we had in Amsterdam that teems with so much life at night; the dazzling Antwerp where everything sparkles; the majestic Grand Plaas in Brussels where you can simply stare in amazement; and of course, not to forget the eternally captivating Eiffel Tower where most lovers vowed their undying love for each other underneath and the breathaking stroll along Champ Elysees. Hopeless romantics! Well, we just have to MaXiMiZe IT!

The journey continues…and one great secret to a happy and successful journey – keep the flames aglow. PaSsIoN fires up everything…Always KeEp ThE FiRe BuRnInG in YoU!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

HoLy SnApS!

A visit to these HoLy sites nourishes the SoUL...NeEd I SaY mOrE?