Sunday, April 27, 2008

LeArNiNg ThE TrAdE aNd InTrIcACy

It should be mind over matters of the heart…Yes! That should be…but it’s always easier said than done. You simply refuse to listen or see through it because you want to savor the ecstatic moment for now, notwithstanding what lies ahead…and alas! You’re jolted from your dream-like state and the cruel reality stares pointblank at you. What would you do?

Raw emotions flood in…self-pity sets in…your passion clouds your rational being…then you find yourself looking utterly stupid to the rest of the world and yet, you still let the heart do the thinking…so you’re comforted again with the thought that you’ve laughed and loved and that’s what matters most! Those were the days…when you take people’s words at face value. But thank God! Gone are those teeny-bopper days.

Looking back…If you show to the world you’re VULNERABLE…vultures will be up to your neck. If you show them you’re INVINCIBLE…creepy creatures will test your stamina and push you to the limit as they wait for your fall…But through time, you get to learn the trade and tricks of dealing with things the RIGHT WAY.

Yes, for a time, you let things flow…enjoy the euphoric scenario…but you can’t simply allow yourself to remain on the Never Never Land where all things are bright and beautiful. Reality bites so hard that it hurts so much till it hurts no more.

You can’t stop time from ticking way…people going away…things slipping away from your hand…You can only hold as much.

People come and go…Things happen for a reason for a season…and if SOMEONE opts to stay around you…there could be one good reason. But if SOMEONE decides to leave you…there could be a much better reason.

Learning the trade and intricacy of life makes ACCEPTANCE easier…washing off every inch of bitterness to the core of your being…

LeArN tHe ArT oF BeInG HaPpY aNd WoRry- FrEe!!!

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