Sunday, April 27, 2008

LeArNiNg ThE TrAdE aNd InTrIcACy

It should be mind over matters of the heart…Yes! That should be…but it’s always easier said than done. You simply refuse to listen or see through it because you want to savor the ecstatic moment for now, notwithstanding what lies ahead…and alas! You’re jolted from your dream-like state and the cruel reality stares pointblank at you. What would you do?

Raw emotions flood in…self-pity sets in…your passion clouds your rational being…then you find yourself looking utterly stupid to the rest of the world and yet, you still let the heart do the thinking…so you’re comforted again with the thought that you’ve laughed and loved and that’s what matters most! Those were the days…when you take people’s words at face value. But thank God! Gone are those teeny-bopper days.

Looking back…If you show to the world you’re VULNERABLE…vultures will be up to your neck. If you show them you’re INVINCIBLE…creepy creatures will test your stamina and push you to the limit as they wait for your fall…But through time, you get to learn the trade and tricks of dealing with things the RIGHT WAY.

Yes, for a time, you let things flow…enjoy the euphoric scenario…but you can’t simply allow yourself to remain on the Never Never Land where all things are bright and beautiful. Reality bites so hard that it hurts so much till it hurts no more.

You can’t stop time from ticking way…people going away…things slipping away from your hand…You can only hold as much.

People come and go…Things happen for a reason for a season…and if SOMEONE opts to stay around you…there could be one good reason. But if SOMEONE decides to leave you…there could be a much better reason.

Learning the trade and intricacy of life makes ACCEPTANCE easier…washing off every inch of bitterness to the core of your being…

LeArN tHe ArT oF BeInG HaPpY aNd WoRry- FrEe!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

UnEaRtHinG ThE NaKeD TrUtH

The quest for truth is never easy. You have to dig it in…shovel it up and unearth what’s in the core of the matter. In the process, you may sometimes stumble upon the nitty-gritty of the matter that would eventually lead you to the NAKED TRUTH.

Having an eye for details is inherent in every journalist and being in the field for more than a decade now has taught me one important lesson: “Always trust your instinct.” We always have our own ways of probing into the matter but in the end…it’s always the TRUTH that matters.

A great risk may sometimes be at stake while unearthing the TRUTH. Along the way, sometimes you earn the ire of others when you stumble on the TRUTH. Some may stop you from your quest for truth. Few may try to find ways to stifle you but if you’re steadfast, then nothing or no one can stop you from letting the truth out. If you have TRUTH with you, you can never be wrong and go wrong!

Looks could be deceiving. Things may appear as they seem to be but actually, they don’t seem to be. Just stay focus and for sure, you will discover something unexpected. Sometimes, you may not like what you have unearthed but you just have to live with it. You have your choice. You let the NAKED TRUTH out or you better bury it in oblivion.

Truth can make you happy, ecstatic, or sad. It may spell out a new glorious beginning or sometimes the heart-wrenching end of something that should have not been.

The best thing that you can get….TRUTH untangles you from the shackles of PuRe and NaKeD LIeS!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

FReAkY FriDaY!


Flying twigs...branches lying on the streets...

What on earth's happening? I was on my way to Kuwait City last Friday at around 5:30 p.m. then... with just a blink of an eye, the almost perfect weather turned into something you can never imagine. Strong winds...followed by total visibility prompting all vehicles to flash their hazard lights...the last worst sandstorm that I have ever witnessed was in 2003 in Nassiriya, Iraq...but last Friday's was something more!

Suddenly, hale started to pour in. Is this the effect of global warming? I could have decided to head home but I was almost to Kuwait City. What the heck! I might as well go through the whole adventure.

Traffic jam was terrible...then my phone rang. Resty, my fashion designer buddy was shrieking wet and dusty recounting to me his harrowing experience a few minutes back. "It's like 9/11 here in Mirqab!" he was tensed. Keep cool ok? He just came out running before a floor of a building collapsed. People ran out for safety....The whole place was in a mountain of dust, he shrieked. You should celebrate gurl for another new life!

Good grief! Earlier that day, he was tagging me along to Mubarakiya to shop for textiles...thanks but no thanks, I was still nursing a bad stomach so I begged off. Call it instinct! Whew! Thank God.

Finally, after a fierce battle with the traffic in the Sheraton roundabout, I reached Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Muthanna where Faisal (my officemate) and his friends were waiting for me. Do you exactly know what I had to endure on the way just to have this refreshing Chamomile tea?

Indeed, it's a FrEaKy FriDaY but mind you I also had a YuMmY & FiReLiCiOuS ThUrSDaY!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


It's April Fool's Day yesterday! A day of hoaxes...Good grief! I wasn't a victim to one.

Schedule's so hectic. My phone had been ringing since morning. The ABS-CBN newsdesk was up on my neck for the latest on the verdict on May Vecina, the OFW who was sentenced to death. The Philippine Embassy was not talking and Atty. Ahmad Qurban was unreachable. Thank God! Another Kuwaiti lawyer friend came to the rescue and called up the Kuwait Justice Palace. Sadly, the Court of Cassation upheld the death verdict. I hope the Tanazul or Letter of Forgiveness from the victim's family or better yet the Amiri pardon can save Vecina's life. Let's pray to that!

Every second counted so I had to break the news on ANC and Channel 2 ahead of the competitors. Whew! What a day! Not to mention the PowerPoint presentation on the side that I had to finish at work. It's garnished with all the numbers. Didn't I tell anybody I'm allergic to numbers? We just have to live with it.

Well, as they say, when it really pours...You just have to enjoy the drizzle and let the raindrops run down your face...and for sure, you'll FeEL ReFrEsHeD!