Wednesday, July 2, 2008

StAyInG CoOL ThiS SuMmEr!

The scorching summer heat is on…Welcome to Kuwait!

The hot and dusty weather greeted me the moment I came back from my brief US sojourn. It was also hot in the US not to mention that heat wave that I had to battle with in New York, the not-so-hot environ in Miami and the unpredictable weather in Boston but nothing beats Kuwait when it comes to heat!

I dread summer and I love winter. But summer is cool in the US and other places not because of the weather but due to the cool stuff that you can do there. You can wear less to enjoy more…giving you the freedom to wear shorts…short, short shorts…sleeveless…or go sunbathing in two-piece or even topless to get a perfect tan by the beach. You can simply enjoy the sense of freedom!

I had pure fun in the US…enjoyed the Miami South Beach and met some interesting people…savored the captivating sights and sounds of Manhattan…marveled at the view of New York City on top of the Rockefeller Observatory…Felt the crisp wind on top of the legendary Empire State Building of ‘An Affair to Remember’…Waved and said hello to Liberty…Stepped on Ellis Island…and had a fantastic stroll in Central Park not to mention the shopping spree along 5th Avenue.

But the best part of it was being at Harvard again…The Investigative Reporting Conference was attended by journalists across the globe and seeing a Filipina (Sheila Coronel, Director of Stabile Center for Investigative Journalism at Columbia University) as one of the speakers made me feel so proud to be a Filipino. I had the perfect updating that I badly needed. Thanks to IRE! I’m back to Kuwait fully armed to do some sleuthing.

I also have fond memories of my brief stay in Dartmouth, MA., with good ol’ friends Dennis and Belen with their gorgeous Camille who happens to be my ‘inaanak.’ Thanks a lot for the hospitality!

I’m still in Euphoria…but when the hot air greeted me…this is it…back to reality!

I’m home BaBy! *mwa*