Tuesday, October 21, 2008

WhEn AuTuMn SeTs In…

Summer is over and Autumn is finally here!

It’s been a long lull since the scorching summer in Kuwait. So many things have changed as the autumn sets in.

I like autumn though I like spring the most. Autumn paves the way for the spine-tingling cold months. Autumn reminds me of the serene stroll along the Oak Park in Chicago, stopping by the historical house of prolific writer Ernest Hemingway amidst the multi-hued leaves falling from the trees, dotting the alley. Whew! What a sight to behold!

Autumn brings you to melancholia as you look back what transpired this year. So many things have happened. Some friends come and go but true friends are here to stay with you. I hate clichés but that’s reality. Life is indeed full of clichés and paradox at times.

With the end of summer and the advent of autumn, one great important lesson is learned. As long as you remain steadfast in your conviction and have faith in HIM, you can weather all the situations no matter what the season may be - WiNtEr...SpRiNg...SuMmEr...Or FaLL...

As the autumn sets in, it makes me smile as the few people that I treasure most are still around no matter what and that includes YoU of course. Thanks a lot for just being there!

While others see autumn as dreary, I look at it brightly as the countdown begins signaling the advent of the Holiday Season.

I simply love it when the AuTuMn SeTs In!!!